Who are we

ADAM SEAFOOD is a Moroccan company, located in the fishing port of Agadir. We specialize in the production and export of frozen seafood caught off the Atlantic Ocean of Morocco.

Our products are intended to be exported to Italy, Spain, Greece,… In very high hygienic conditions, with the possibility of exporting to several other countries of the world. We seek to satisfy our customers while ensuring the highest quality, freshness and good taste of our products.

ADAM SEAFOOD maintains a spirit of partnership with all of its suppliers which enables it to adapt its products to different forms of marketing. Responding to needs, preserving quality… these are all essential criteria that have enabled ADAM SEAFOOD to acquire its current dimension and to offer a wide range of frozen seafood products.

Depending on the needs of our customers and market segments, different orientations, linked to quantitative and qualitative demands, are offered to us and allow us to meet expectations.

A rigorous selection of producers based on their ability to meet specifications essentially focused on quality, allows us to respond to specific requests.

Food Facility Certificate Of Registration

Please note that there is no exclusive agent. All commercial operations must be processed directly with our company.